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Food analogy, Alfred Hitchcock

Áudio do "Mestre do Suspense", o britânico Alfred Hitchcock (1889-1980), contando sua ideia de um filme sobre 24 horas na cidade, através de uma analogia com a comida.

🎬 Na gravação Hitchcock fala: “I would like to do a 24 hours in the city. I can see the whole film, from beginning to end, now. I’d try to do it on a food analogy, I’d try to show the arrival of food in the city; the distribution of it, the buying of it, the cooking, the eating, and then, gradually, the end of the film will be the suer tipping in the ocean, you know? The early brand new gleaming green vegetables and the mess of them, that go out of the end of the day. It's what people do to good things, you could make your theme almost the rottenness of humanity…you know?”


🎥: Eyes On Cinema


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